Native Mobile App for Android (Billed Annually)

$899.99 $799.99

Native Mobile Apps for Android  devices easy connects through your favorite cloud storage. The basics needed to get you started with a business app.


What you get

  • We design and develop your app
  • App connects with database
  • Publish to Google Stores
  • Maintenance and Support

Core Features 

  • Photos, signatures, and GPS capture
  • Forms, checklists, and quick edits
  • Calendar, maps, galleries, and tables
  • Interactive dashboards and charts
  • Email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Custom branding and format rules
  • Localization and custom user settings
  • Background data syncing and offline mode
  • Email Support

Additional information

Terms & Conditions

billed annually

Platforms Covered

Publish to Google Stores

App Usage Levels

10,000 Push notifications/mo