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Mobile Apps Development
Mobile Apps Development
PreciseTech delivers end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including Apple iPhone, RIM's Blackberry, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Mobile.
Software Development
Software Development
Our software development team is well-versed in using software development technologies like Microsoft.NET, Oracle, PHP, Microsoft SharePoint etc.
Design Studio
Design Studio
We specialize in graphic design solutions which creatively integrate all aspects of visual communication to strengthen your brand, your corporate image and communication across all media
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PreciseTech employ advanced technologies that emphasize quality, flexibility and sophistication provides custom/bespoke software development services, which helps our customers to improve the scalability of their products and streamline their work flow process.

PreciseTech Software Solutions A center of excellence in Net, PHP and Oracle technologies. Working together to design, build and manage practical and cost-effective solutions, while addressing evolving IT and business requirements. Our Professional Services and OnDemand Consulting teams bring a manufacturer-neutral approach to services so you receive unbiased solutions, designed specifically for your business.

Every business today is creating thousands of customers each day. With the level of interactions increasing thanks to the web, phone applications, online sales, e-Commerce, networking profiles of people, there is a huge amount of data that is exchanged and created. Some of the information we share and use in our client communications is highly confidential and needs security parameters in place. All these interactions are creating a database each day that needs management in a structured way. Management in a way that makes this data accessible at times, secure against loss, theft, and update it in real time. This is where the services of our company  can help you with its superior Database management services.
Our technical services help to ensure that IT products and network operate efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date system and application software. Our engineers always focus on optimizing every aspect of technology operations to improve overall business performance. We offer flexible suite of support services designed to meet your business needs while controlling operational costs..

We interviewed four different companies and chose CSM because they were familiar with the software we were using. What I appreciate most about their services is that they communicate with us about what they are going to do before they do it, so we are able to deal with any ramifications ahead of time. They understand that we are trying to run a business and can't have things going haywire with our technology

Linda Palk
We can help you with installing, moving, upgrading technologies infrastructure and Software. Whether its desktop unit, Server, network or business applications, we create solutions that swift, economical & reliable.

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PreciseTech, a well-established local operating IT firm, fulfilling the needs of IT Market for the past 10 years in the Toronto (GTA) & Kitchener/Waterloo area. We are specializing in Enterprise Software Development and Technicality Support services

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